Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ski Here Now

The other day I had a very palpable sense of what a waste of time it is not only to worry, but to think. I was driving to Montana in my new car (thanks mom & dad!) and thinking, thinking, thinking. I was thinking about things that happened, things that might happen, things that probably would happen, and things that will likely never happen. I was thinking about what to say, what to do, what not to do and say, and what others might do, say, or think. My head started spinning and I was reminded of Lloyd Dobler; the dude who didn't want to figure it all out in one night.

Then I saw a sparkle of sunlight zip across a river and a huge piece of trash blew across the road in front of me. It's interesting to note how one feels about trash in the road when driving their 1997 Subie with 267,000+ miles on it versus their brand-new-to-me Outback that still feels like mom and dad's even though it has a Grateful Dead sticker on the back. 

All of this brought my attention to the absolute present moment and I heard what I have heard a million times but in a new way: "There is only the present moment." I palpably felt the importance of my moment. Not because of the blowing trash or the glittering sun, but because I was alive to experience it. I saw it and felt it and experienced it - and then it was gone - only to be replaced by another unique and fascinating present moment. I saw that the worries about the past are useless, especially when the beauty of the now is tapping my cheeks. I saw that the worries about tomorrow are exceptionally useless as they are but creations that may, may not, and already have and have not happened in the continuum that is real and that contains no time or space.

It's not an easy concept to hold for very long, that of the present. There are so many interesting, terrifying, sad, exciting, magical, and different thoughts to create at any given moment! And many times, especially when the present is less than comfortable, those thoughts seem much more desirable. But I will tell you the dangers of not recognizing the present for what it is, which is, the only thing that matters.

On a physical level, when you are not present, you risk physical and/or emotional harm to yourself or others. You can say and do (or not say and do) things so quickly and irreversibly when you're not paying attention. 

When you are not present on an internal level, you can miss very important messages from your body about what is happening, what is important, what to do next, and what feelings and intuitions are trying to arise.

And on the secret level, when you are not paying attention, you miss a lot of magic. So many serendipitous, synchronous, and lovely signs blink and sparkle at each one of us every day to tell us that we are loved, we are protected, we are surrounded by and infused with the beauty of being alive. These whispers and whisps of light and love constantly tinkle in our ears, flit in front of our eyes, and nudge our hands to play. The gentle yet powerful and full cosmic humor stands nearby always, just barely containing its laughter at the wonder and delight of our experiences. 

It's time to turn away from work and worry and waiting for life to be different and turn toward that which is right there, smack in front of us, whether it be beautiful, tragic, ugly, devastating, delicious, sour, or bland. What is it? How does it feel? What is the experience of it just now? And like they say about the weather in Montana, if you don't like it, wait 5 minutes (or in the case of my mind, .3 seconds) and it will change ... Happy Present Presence to you!