Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not picking my nose

I multi-task while driving a lot of the time. Today I was applying nose oil whilst driving. Nose oil is awesome and a critical piece of winter health. Bacteria is oil-soluble and there are lots of germs trying to get in your nose. Stick a clean pinky in ghee (clarified butter, which is great to cook with too) or use any kind of high-quality organic oil (sunflower, coconut, grapeseed) and swirl it around each nostril three times. Voila! The dryness is gone (this also decreases the urge to pick your nose), itchiness is gone (again, less picking), and bacteria are absorbed before they get inside of you!

Another thing I really like to do while driving is sing. One day, I was driving in Bozeman, Montana and singing my heart out to Ben Harper’s “Burn One Down.” I don’t know all the words but when I get to the chorus, I can belt it out just like Ben!! Well, it was summer and my window was down and I was at the corner of Willson and Main. The light hit red and the chorus came up! As I hollered it out passionately, I realized that the very private bubble of my little car is not so much so when the window is down. Also, the people who seem so far away in the cars next to me - partly because I don’t know them and mostly because I am not in their car - really are only 3-5 feet away from me as I am basically yelling. Yes, they can hear me sing. No, they did not appear to love it. 

A funny thing happened to me in this situation. Normally, I am kind of a shy and quiet person. In this situation, my logic told me to act like I didn’t realize they could hear me and just keep on singing!! When the light turned green and the other cars sped away, I started laughing so hard I almost had a vehicular crack up. I have to imagine that was good for my soul.

Just to give some context as to how wholly I sing in my car, one day (in the wintertime so my windows were all up), my friend Pete left me a phone message. He said, “I want to know what you were listening to today. When you drove past me, I thought you were screaming at someone then I noticed you were alone. Must’ve been a good song. See ya.”

Here’s Ben doing it right...

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