Sunday, March 18, 2012

Excerpt from an Interview

"When we spoke, I kept referring to the grass talking to me, then once I said that was an exaggeration, and that is not true. The grass is not happy with me for saying that, and I am not happy with me for saying that. I wanted to clear it up just in case for some reason you remembered that detail of our conversation. I would not like for it to be printed or repeated that the grass does not speak as I do not find that to be the truth. All living things have voices, they are just sometimes different than our own."

Response: "I believe that all living things have voices. I once interviewed a famous naturalist (can't remember his name) who said the same. He was very convincing in his argument. I haven't thought twice about such a statement since."


  1. Sometimes they need a translator, as in the case of the Lorax who spoke for the trees because the trees had no tongues....

  2. Sometimes you just need a good breakfast with BDJ...