Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging isn't always easy!

I had a lot of great ideas about what to blog about today and now they have vacated my mind. I’m sleeping in the living room tonight. I drug the memory foam down from my bed and threw it on the floor. We are in the midst of a veritable blizzard right now and the noise and cold in my bedroom upstairs kept me up all night and made me cranky and/or spacey today. My friend Pete said he saw me and wanted to leave me a phone message that said, “Hi, this is Pete. It’s 5:00 here, I don’t know what time it is wherever you are. See ya.” I wish he had. It would have made me laugh. Or confused me. And either one would have been just fine.

This leads me to a thought about preferences. Why do we choose what we choose? And more importantly, why do we think that our choices are so much better than the choices of others? One way to tell is by looking at the effects the choices have on our bodies, minds, and spirits; or on others; or on animals; or on the universe at large. If there are no problems for ourselves or others (including animals and the universe at large), then the choice is really harmless and basically boils down to personal preference, which I do not find particularly interesting. If the choice does somehow create a problem for ourselves or any other sentient being, well, those are the situations that I personally like to ponder.

Lately I have been experiencing my relationship with coffee as one of the latter choices. It does create a problem for me sometimes. I get jittery and smelly. My eyes dry out and bulge out of my head slightly. My kidneys put on their protective gear and go into overdrive. My liver slumps and begrudgingly does its part. My mind flits and skips and gets Really Excited at small things, which is fun, actually. My taste buds simultaneously recoil from the bitterness of the strong dark coffee that I love and swell from the delight of the nourishing cream mixed in. The invisible part inside of me that craves comfort, unconditional love, tenderness, and understanding glows and curls up, smiles and softens - even if only temporarily, it is a heavenly sensation. 

What else could calm that invisible part of me, what else could soften the frenzy and not create a problem for myself or the rest of the world? That is a very Good Question and when I know the answer, well, I could let you know, but I’m pretty sure that the answer for me is different than the answer for you. And there again is that beauty of individual preference.

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