Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Moth and the Ants

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago. Enjoy:

The Moth and the Ants

The moth was stuck to the sidewalk
He was dying and the ants were coming
He fluttered each time they walked on him
I tried to pry him up
It was not a good idea
The moth is dying anyway
The ants are hungry
This is what nature is
Paradox of beauty and tragedy
The moth will die
The ants will feast and live
It made me so sad
That I sat on a bench nearby
And leaned way back
I smelled fire in the air
Watched dirt blow across the road
I saw a leaf floating in a mud puddle
The puddle was created by a car tire
Ripping out grass at the edge of the cement
The wet mud beneath
Giving way as the grass churned under
The puddle forming
From seepage below
The leaf looked silver
Almost like a feather
It wasn’t moving
Just floating
And that peace held me
All the way home.

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