Monday, January 2, 2012


I write a Gratitude List every year and do my best to contact everyone on it in some way to tell them thank you for the ways they have affected my life. I haven't fully done my 2011 Gratitude List, but here is one gratitude letter to my little cousin MTR whom I met for the first time about a month ago. He's 5.

Michael - I have heard from some people that you choose your birth family. You sit high up in the sky and watch and wait for the precise moment that you will be born and who you will be born into. Other souls waiting to be born are up there too, figuring out how to enter this lifetime in a way that serves their highest purpose as well as puts them in contact with the people they need and love from other lifetimes.

This is what I thought of when I met you.

Do you think we were birds or people before? Eagles or brothers? Friends or piglets? In any case, we have found each other again in this lifetime!

Here's what I like about you: your shiny whiteblonde hair, your scratchy deep voice, your good ideas, your shiny eyes and the way you crinkle them up when you're thinking, the big fat hug you gave me twice. You are far away from me now, but another cool thing about having been souls together up high in the sky - we tend to know when the other is thinking of us.

Can you catch me thinking about you?!

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  1. You write well. You're grammatical technique is educated. Better than mine... Keep on!